That is thought on my mind this Sunday afternoon…What lead you to AC/DC?  My first taste is vivid in my mind. I remember being very young and on travel with my mom and brother.   After checking into the hotel, my mom took us down to the local department store, maybe it was called “Hecks”, I can’t remember for sure.  Standing in the record department of Hecks, I come across the AC/DC section.  At that time I was not a fan of AC/DC but had heard a song or two, but I was very unfamiliar with their music.  My actual age would have been close to 10 or 11.   I had already began my journey into metal with my recent jump into Iron Maiden with The Number of the Beast.  So it had to be the summer of 1983, as it’s my best guess.  Now my mom had given me $10 to buy basically whatever I want.  I chose music while my brother is searching toys.  As I browse the few selections of AC/DC, there are two titles that are standing out, based on their covers alone…If You Want Blood… and Let There Be Rock.  Now it was a dilemma.  Do I want the one with guy who has a guitar stabbed into his gut or the one with the entire band on the cover?  Looking at the song titles, both cassettes appear to have a lot of similar songs.  Having no idea that If You Want Blood is a live album, I go for it, based on the “bloody” cover.  My first impression was disappointment.  I suppose the Iron Maiden was much heavier and different and I thought that AC/DC would be similar.  Maybe it was because it was a live album.  I did give it multiple listens over the week of vacation and when I got home I basically put it in the cassette in the case of probably 20 other cassettes at the time, just to gather dust.  Fast forward three years and I’m staying at my grandparents house in Jackson, KY.  Their neighbor has two kids, a boy about my age and a girl a couple of years younger.  Greg, the boy, and I became fast friends.  Little did I know he was already an AC/DC fan.  This would have been the summer of 1986 and Greg was rocking Who Made Who and Blow Up Your Video right off the bat.  What a great couple of weeks.  I learned the history of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.  I also got to listen to the entire discography up until that point in time.  I realized during those two weeks, I had made a mistake when I had the choice three years earlier.  I should have gotten Let There Be Rock.  That album is a pure rocker, start to finish and is probably my favorite album to this day.  I still listen to it on occasion and enjoy every minute of it.  I owe my old friend Greg a ton of thanks for making me take the time to enjoy those classic albums.  He turned me into an AC/DC fan in the summer of 1986.  A memory I cherish so many years later.  Also a grim reminder that I’m getting old.


Until next time…Let There Be Rock